Presentation Cases: Select Art & Photography
Portfolio Presentation Cases & Binders

Presentation cases are ringed binders with sheet protectors useful for storing photographs, pictures, and artwork to show guests and clients. The cases enclose contents protecting them while carrying. DraftingSteals offers a wide selection of cases suited for the home or professional graphic artist’s presentation needs. We list the inside dimensions of cases to make selecting the correct size easier. Simply measure the photos to present and select a case of equal or larger size. A case listed18x24” sheet protectors will hold pictures of the same dimensions. Most of the presentation binders come with 10 archival sheet protectors and hold up to 50 sold separate. We offer elegant leather cases for job interviews and crush resistant binders for everyday use. Many factors go into the process for selecting a case, do not hesitate to contact us for help. Our art portfolios are found under Art Portfolios.

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