Plotter Pens: Fit HP & Compatible Plotters

Plotter Pens Scroll to bottom for stock plotter pens. Check out our selection of plotter pens. If you can’t find the model of pen you are looking for either send us an email. [email protected] or call us at 877-268-4427. We can special order most plotter pens. We offer plotter pens for the following plotters and more:

Hewlett Packard E Style Plotter Pens Fits: HP 7550A. HP 7550B. HP 7570 HP Draftpro. 7580A. 7585A. 7586A, 7595A, 7595B, 7596A, 7596B. 7599A, HP Draftmaster 1.11. MX. RX. 5X. HP Draftpro DXL (7575A). HP Draftpro EXI (7576A). Roland DXY Series. and other similar plotters.

Hewlett Packard S Style Plotter Pens Fits: 7090, 7220A, 7221 A, 7225A, 7440 HP Colorpro, 7470A, 7475A, 7550A, 7550B, 7570 HP Draftpro, 7580A, 7585A, 7586A, 7595A, 7595B, 7596A, 7596B, 7599A, 9872A, HP Draftmaster I, II, MX, RX, SX, HP Draftpro DXL (7575A), Roland DPX, DXY, and GRX Series, and other similar plotters.

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