Vellum Paper: Clearprint Translucent Vellum for Drafting, Tracing, & Now Printing

Vellum paper is available in pads, sheets, and rolls up to 72” in width, for use in drafting, tracing or to print on. What is vellum paper? It is a translucent dimensionally stable paper made from plastericized cotton unaffected by changes in temperature or humidity developed as a replacement for traditional vellum made from animal skins. DraftingSteals offers a full line of Clearprint vellum legendary for its quality produced from 100% new rag cotton fiber made translucent without solvents. It’s archival quality, strength, erasing, and redraw characteristics with pen & pencil make it a paper of choice for artist, draftsman, architects and engineers.

Recently Clearprint vellums were tested and found to work on inkjet & laser printers for most printing applications, as well as an excellent medium for painting, colored markers, pastels, charcoal and more. See our selection of durable Clearprint vellum that has a uniquely delicate, transparent appearance which resists yellowing, cracking or ghosting making it a remarkable drawing paper.

Clearprint Vellum Paper Applications & History

Made in the USA Clearprint was originally produced for the drafting industry in 1933. It is now the most popular vellum on the market. In 2012 Chartpak began testing Clearprint for a wide range of applications answering many questions.

Can you print on vellum? Yes Clearprint has been tested to work in both inkjet & laser printers for a wide range of printing jobs. Clearprint Vellum 1000H & 1020H Inkjet & Laser Compatibility Guide
Note: 1000H & 1020H are not suited for inkjet print jobs such as photographs requiring heavy ink saturation. Material will absorb the ink & have tendency to curve. When using with laser printers print on vellum paper settings or lower temperature settings, high heat setting can melt the vellum coating onto the printer’s drum.

How to use vellum paper? Your imagination is about your only limit. Besides drafting and drawing this link will show some of the fine art applications where Clearprint is used ClearPrint vellum techniques for oil & acrylic painting plus fine arts techniques including graphite, pastels, & charcoal, water color, & sculptures

Where to buy vellum paper? There are many sources, but DraftingSteals carries or has access to lots of vellums including Clearprint. Checkout the amazing history of the Clearprint Paper Company ClearPrint ”What America is Drawn On” Designed in America, Made in America: A History of Innovation

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